Japneet Singh

Currently serving as president of Queens College’s Student Association, Japneet is a senior majoring in Accounting, Economics, Finance and International Business in conjunction to minoring in QC’s highly selective Business and Liberal Arts Honors program (BALA).


His combination  of in class knowledge and outside extracurricular leadership experience allows him to excel in Student Services as well as public administration.


Alongside to to being the Student Body President at Queens College, Japneet serves as a Vice Chairperson for the University Student Senate. He is actively involved in enhancing the student experience at QC, while also working with several community service organizations and clubs.

Japneet will be graduating in May 2017, and plans to pursue a career in Accounting and 
eventually hopes to go into politics.


“If you go in giving it your bare minimum all you’ll come out with is a line on your resume. Go in giving it your all and you’ll come out with an expierence of a lifetime.”